How can I experience Memphis’s diverse food scene at the Rendezvous?

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Are you looking to experience Memphis’s diverse and delicious food scene? Then the Rendezvous is the place for you. Located in downtown Memphis, just off of Main Street, this historic restaurant offers a unique and unforgettable dining experience.

The Roots of Rendezvous: A Celebrated History

The Rendezvous first opened its doors in 1948 with an unspoken promise to bring Memphis diners something new and special. Since then, their menu has become legendary for its unique spin on traditional middle-American dishes. Founders Charlie Vergos and his brother Nick had no way of knowing that the little barbecue joint they started way back when would eventually become one of the most popular restaurants in all of Tennessee.

A Unique Menu Featuring Memorably Flavors
At the Rendezvous, they still smoke their meats over charcoal just like they did from day one. And they’ve built out an overall menu featuring classic Southern favorites with a very modern twist throwing even more flavors into the mix. You can expect plenty of options like pulled pork sandwiches topped with coleslaw and smothered in onion tangy sauce as well as barbecued ribs that have been lip-smackin approved by generations of diners; but there are also some great specialty main course selections available depending on what night you visit them too! The local favorites are always worth trying – like beef brisket mac & cheese or fried green tomatoes with bacon jam – just make sure to leave room for some of their signature Southern sweets like homemade peach cobbler!

Discover The Unforgettable Rendezvous Eating Experience
The atmosphere at The Rendezvous is definitely part of what makes this legendary eatery so hard to beat; they offer an old-fashioned kind hospitality like no other restaurant in town – complete with candlelit tables, friendly servers who know your order by heart and a cozy seating section in the corner where anybody is welcome to stay as ling as they need. There’s sa distinct feeling when eat here – it’s almost nostalgic, but also modern feel keeps up along perfectly with today’s dining trends too –who could possibly resist that? But at its core, it’s really just good ol’ fashioned Southern cooking made from scratch especially for each customer who comes through our door:Come give it a try and let us serve you up something special!

The Rendezvous isn’t just another upscale dining destination -it’s a piece of Memphis food history come alive again every single day! With a menu steeped in Southern character and classics made anew, it’s easy to see why so many turn into regulars once they find out about us -so why not join us soon for an unforgettable meal? Who knows -you may even end up discovering your new favorite dish while you’re here!


Q. What type of food do they serve at the Rendezvous?
A. The Rendezvous is known for its BBQ pork shoulder sandwich, Memphis-style dry rub pork ribs, cheesy grits, catfish sandwiches and fried green tomatoes.

Q. Is there an alcohol menu available?
A. Yes! The Rendezvous offers a full bar with beer, wine, and spirits selections as well as craft cocktails to complement your meal.

Q. Are reservations accepted?
A. Although reservation are not required, it is recommended that you make one to ensure seating availability especially on busy nights.

Q. Is the restaurant open late night?
A. Yes! The restaurant is open daily from 10:30 am – 11:00 pm (midnight Friday & Saturday nights).

Q. Is there parking available nearby?
A. Yes – street parking is allowed around the premise or you can use area lots which always require exact change or payment apps such as Passport or Everspot when parking for extended periods of time on weekends and evenings.

Q . Are catering services offered by the Rendezvous?
A. Absolutely! The restaurant can customize menus for private events as well as office lunches and more. Contact the staff to request further details for your specific event needs today!

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