Best Wings in Memphis

It’s not like we can deny that practically ever dining spot in Memphis, Tennessee, serves wings. To be fair, it’s not like we would even want to. But in this, as in all things, there must be a ranking. Here is what we think are the best wings in Memphis, ranked just for you.  


The Best Wings in Memphis

Bosses Chicken

Bosses calls itself “Memphis’ Most Underrated Choice” when it comes to wings, tenders, and catfish since 2010. Well, seeing that it tops our list, that might have to change. Bosses offers wings in sets of 6 or 10, with a wide array of sauces. 

Honey Gold is the people’s choice, so don’t miss out on that one! And if you like them hot, attack the Questionable Decisions sauce (and we love that name too!). Other sauces you can choose from are Honey BBQ, Dry Seasoned (dry rub), Mild, Honey Hot, Hot BBQ, Bosses Hot Chicken (dry rub), and RAD (hotter than a questionable decision!).

Ching’s Hot Wings

Ching’s started out of a concession truck in 1999 in south of Memphis. This dining place is a great choice for sports lovers, especially those who love all the basketball memorabilia on the walls. And with all the plasma screens on the walls, it is the game-watching spot. 

Of course, what we really come and stay for are the wings. Customers go for the Honey Gold and the Honey Hot most of the time–not to play it safe, but because they are the specials of the house. Other flavors are Hot, Extra Hot, Suicide, Seasoned, Lemon Pepper, Dry Hot, and Honey Extra Hot. 

Central BBQ

Whether you’re from Memphis or outside, you may hear the name “Central BBQ” on lists on barbeque or wings all over the place. Of course, it’s never been about the name, it’s really all about the wings. And their wings make it to our Top 3.

“Smoked is Our Sauce” they say, and it’s the truth. Their smoked hot wings are one of their specialties, with a heady taste underlying the sauce. You can pick your hot wings Wet, Naked, Jerked, Dry Spice, Honey Gold, or Sweet Heat. Take your pick and keep going back for more. 


Wingstop has an adventurous look and feel, and it’s a good place for some good wings with a pretty good twist. True enough, Wingstop is all about flavor and has been since 1997. By 2002, Wingstop had given the world 1 billion wings. 

While Parmesan Garlic is the people’s choice for this wing stop, there’s so much more to try out. The hottest starts at Atomic, followed by Mango Habanero, stepping down to Cajun, Original Hot, Spicy Korean Q, Louisiana Rub, Mild,  Hickory Smoked BBQ, Lemon Pepper, and Hawaiian. It’s a feast for the taste buds, so try them all out!

Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings was founded, as they describe it, by two men who wanted New York-style wings. The original store was in Ohio, but it soon spread from state to state. But we judge by the wings and not the origin, and Buffalo Wild Wings hit the spot.

The best part about this place is the fact that you can customize your own sauces and seasonings, although that might daunt some first-timers. Their sauces include Sweet BBQ, Bourbon Honey Mustard, Parmesan Garlic, Asian Zing, Manga Habanero, and oh so many more. You can also attack their Desert Heat Seasoning, Chipotle BBQ Seasoning, or some plain Salt & Vinegar Seasoning, and–did we mention? Oh so many more. 

Cozy Corner BBQ

The Cozy Corner BBQ started with a family that ever only wanted to serve the best they had. And this is always true when it comes to their wings. You can grab wings by 10s, 15s, or 30s, or 3s if you just want a side dish.

There’s nothing fancy about their sauces and seasonings, but you know exactly what you’re getting: Dry, Mild, Medium, Hot, or Super Hot. The spiciness level starts with Medium, and of course it goes up from there. Straightforward, but you don’t need much more from your number one comfort food.

The Wing Factory Midtown

As their name shows, the menu is wings and everything that goes with wings. Like, more wings. And yes, quesadillas and burgers and all that. But let’s go back to those wings, because they’re the reason we stay. Every time. Which, well, we’ve been saying.

The best part about the sauces is that there doesn’t seem to be a crowd favorite–customers love to keep trying out the flavors. Sauces include the Original Hot, Mild, Garlic Hot, 911 (another favorite name), Honey Gold, Honey Hot, Bar-B-Q, April’s Special, Garlic Parmesan, Orange Mound Sauce, Seasoned, and Lemon Pepper. 

Conclusion: That’s Enough for Now

We’re not holding out on you. Really, we’re not! But that’s enough for now. If you’re planning to attack all the wings of Memphis, not to mention all their sauces, this is a good place to start. See you at that wings place!