Are there any free concerts in Memphis during the summer?

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Are you looking for free concerts in Memphis during the summer? This article has you covered. We’ll explore some of the amazing free musical acts on offer in Memphis this summer. Whether you’re visiting for a week or living there year-round, these concerts offer you good vibes and great music to enjoy!

What Free Concerts Are Available in Memphis During Summer?

If you’re planning on being in town during the summer, then Memphis is sure to have something to keep your musical cravings satisfied. Here are a few of the best free concerts from arts and culture organizations like The Orpheum, Levitt Shell and Rock n’ Soul Museum:

The Orpheum: The famed Orpheum will be hosting Music City Cooperage Night with Will Tucker & Friends starting June 8th with two shows per evening at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. This uptown pop-up event offers unplugged bluegrass music talent most Friday nights during their concert series through August 31st. They have plenty seating as well as local beers available for purchase like Wiseacre, High Cotton, Crosstown Brewing Co., Ghost River Brewing Co., Muddy Water Urban Winery, among others!

Levitt Shell: The historic Levitt Shell hosts over 50 shows each year outdoors – many of them free! You can find rock musicians like Fletcher Collins & The Southern Gothic or country singers like Lucayy Lee playing on any Friday night in July and August up until September 3rd. It’s a great spot to take children too as many shows include family friendly activities all day long such as face painting, refreshments, games and more!

Rock N’ Soul Museum: Don’t miss out on Rock N’ Soul Museum Saturday GF Barn Jam series going on into August 26th from 7–9 p.m. These funk jams feature 10-piece bands made up of top artists from around Memphis including saxophonist Jim Spake and R&B singer Victoria Milligan-Bugallo! Show up early to reserve your spot – brought your own chair if possible so everyone can get comfortable outside while enjoying the sounds of classic Memphis soul fused with modern beats of electro funk fusion-style music guaranteed to get your feet moving!

Memphis has so much live entertainment lined up this summer that it would even make Elvis proud! With some excellent free outdoor concerts hosted by The Orpheum, Levitt Shell and Rock N’ Soul Museums there’s no reason why you shouldn’t come join the party this summer with friends or family alike — because who doesn’t love a good time?! So grab your dancing shoes (or trusty lawn chair), bring some snacks, relish in the beautiful atmosphere created by stunning park settings full of greenery and majestic skies…then sit back enjoy all that Memphian tunes have to offer without breaking your vacation budget.


Q1. When do free concerts usually take place in Memphis during the summer?
A1. Free concerts typically take place throughout the city from May through August when the weather is warmer and people can enjoy outdoor music events.

Q2. Is there a certain area where these free concerts occur?
A2. Most of the free concerts occur downtown near Beale Street and Tom Lee Park, specific locations depending on the artist’s tour date and venue specs.

Q3. Are any age groups restricted from attending these free concerts?
A3. Generally, all ages are allowed at free summer shows, however, some venues may require adult supervision if attendees are under 18 years old. Any restrictions can be found on each show’s ticket page or website ahead of time from hosts like LiveNation orMemphis In May Festival Association (MIMFA).

Q4. Is it more expensive to attend paid shows over free shows?
A4: Paid shows tend to include better seating options, sound quality, convenience for food/beverage purchases etc., whereas free performances offer a more “street-style” experience with minimal amenities included with attendance (some including vendor stalls etc.). Many people actually prefer the more intimate vibes that come with attending a live performance in its rawest form; without paying for advance tickets or reserving premium seats ahead of time!

Q5. Are there any requirements I need to know before attending a concert?
A5: Every artist or host will list their rules and requirements prior to each show they’re hosting along with other information about parking etc.; Make sure you read through this section carefully as many hosts require attendees to bring valid IDs and other proof of age for entry into an event in order to be granted admission into the show or venue itself. Additionally, rainchecks may be offered by some organizers as precautionary measures should an act of nature interrupt your enjoyment for that evening!

Q6. What else do I need to know before heading out to see a performance?
A6: Pay attention to details such as show times , which can often change due sudden weather conditions , local events , and other unforeseen circumstances . It’s also important you check what type if parking is available prior to arrival . Many venues have their own parking procedures which must be adhered too , depending on whether it’s public or private . Also , remember certain items may not permitted at different venues so make sure you save enough space for any backpacks or items that may inspected upon arriving at the concert .

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