About the Maven

Memphis has always been my permanent residence. As shown by the plotted points below, you can see that I’ve moved around quite a bit; however, I’ve always had the honor of calling Memphis my home. I’ve flirted with the idea of moving out to the suburbs but I just cannot bring myself to move out of Memphis’ city limits.

Places I’ve Lived in Memphis

I loved Memphis before there was an “I Love Memphis Blog, ” I knew about E-40’s album “Grit & Grind” before the Memphis Grizzlies made it their mantra, and I was going to places like Jerry’s Sno Cones before most people even knew it existed. Through this blog I hope to shed light on Memphis’ unknown treasures, to promote policies and programs that are working to improve Memphis, and to share with you my everyday Memphis experiences (both good and bad).

I am becoming more and more exasperated as I continue to hear Memphians talk poorly about our city, especially as they sit by squandering their chance to really experience Memphis. It’s high time that we start taking pride in both our city and citizens. Moreover, it’s now, in the present, that we should embrace our ever fleeting cultures and heritage.