5 Best Medical Practices in Memphis

When you are in need of medical help in Memphis, who do you go to? The 5 best medical practices in Memphis cover a wide range of needs, from cognitive skills to your need for an OB-GYN. Let’s take a look at each one and what makes them special.


5 Best Medical Practices in Memphis

Cognitive Bridges

Cognitive Bridges is a learning center that was put up to help those who have had brain trauma, neurological difficulties, and various kinds of learning disorders. With one-on-one learning sessions, and constant therapeutic support, their partners are given the best chance of success in improving.

Every program is tailor-fit to the partner, because their cognitive skills evaluation and screening allow for constant and consistent improvement. Their partner becomes functional across the entire learning spectrum even as they improve on their specific challenge. They are assisted in reading and writing, vocabulary skills, organization and planning, memory retrieval skills, and organization.

Kizer Dental Associates

While cognitive learning styles are an upward journey, dental visits are forever. Fifty years of total experience between the dentists have led to Dr. David Kizer and Dr. Mark Smith being named “Memphis’ Top Dentists” for the last ten years. They do everything from general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry.

Go to Kizer Dental Associates for your regular teeth cleaning and prevention, to the sometimes necessary next step, fillings. You can also receive oral cancer screening and root canal therapy there. For cosmetic dentistry, stay right where you are and pick from orthodontics, your choice of veneers, or teeth whitening.

BMG Family Physicians Group Foundation

Founded in 1954, with the goal of providing quality service and care to any and all patients, BMG Family Physicians is a well-established and ever-growing foundation, with five clinics and two special practices (sports and occupational medicine, and aesthetic laser care).

They offer appointments every day during work hours, for consultation and prescription, and on Saturdays in case of severe injury or illness. They also refill routine prescriptions during office hours, within 24 hours of being called. They also do routine employment medical screenings and therapy for work-related injuries.

Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital

Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital specializes in caring for children with the best possible attention. The U.S. News & World Report named Le Bonheur among the best children’s hospital for 7 straight years.

They constantly research pediatric medicine to stay ahead of the game, and bring in many experts to cover as many medical specializations as possible, while staying one team. You, the family, are included as much as possible, as partners in keeping your kids safe and healthy. The hospital also constantly upgrades its facilities to reflect the best practices in treating children specifically.

Sutherland Cardiology Clinic

At one point or another, we will want to know the best heart clinic in town. Sutherland Cardiology Clinic is one of these. Established in 1972, every one of its physicians is board-certified for his or her specialty.

With this team, they offer various services such as stress testing through nuclear imagery, using angioplasty and stents to clear arteries, heart ultrasonographies, cardiac arrythymia monitoring and treatment, and even more. The quality of care is excellent, which makes this heart center not only strong in services, but in full patient care and service as well.